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If you absolutely hate kale, you can use spinach if you like. So things to be aware of, though, if you make that switch: kale is really hearty and sort of MEANT to be overcooked. Spinach tends to get slimy when cooked to anything more than barely wilted - some people like that, but it squeegs me out. If I was going to use spinach (or swiss chard, because honestly, that green is just SO MUCH BETTER), instead of simply subbing them out in the recipe process, I'd wash the much more delicate spinach/chard, roughly chop, and then add raw to my empty serving bowl. Ladle the piping hot zuppa on top, and in the 3-5mins it takes to actually start eating the greens are plenty cooked without being OVERcooked.

This sounds lovely, but kale is gross and terrifying. Can spinach be used instead?

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