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Rotator Rod - now THAT is a great improvement to an already-pretty-great device. So your patented swivel rod doubles your space in AND out of the shower? That's like 50 extra square feet! I award you 500 Fat Girl points (redeemable for nothing, but they look cool on a mantle) and the next time I need a rod, I'm getting a Rotator =)

Hi Jena! I can't believe you had that experience in not one but TWO hotels!!! That is unbelievable! I would have been livid!

I also wanted to ease your mind about the last photo in this post...

The second and last pictures in this post are actually of the Rotator Rod. The Rotator Rod is a rotating, curved shower curtain rod that offers you the luxury of a standard curved shower curtain rod in the shower. It then rotates into the tub -- and out of the way -- while you use the rest of the bathroom! The Rotator Rod is perfect for those of us with small bathrooms or who lease, all with No Drilling Required.

While your experiences with the shower rod installation at those hotels do make me worry about some people, as far as I know no one has completely missed the point of the curved shower curtain rod. The last picture is just a Rotator Rod flipped into the "In" position, which gives you back the bathroom space you normally loose with a curved shower curtain rod.

For more info, you can go to

Being someone who hates to touch hotel shower curtains (and mattresses, blankets, remotes...I think I might have a problem...), I completely understand your feelings here. I'm one of those people who try to ensure their entire body doesn't touch ANYTHING in the shower, and if anything does touch, whimpers pathetically. It's just....ew. So curved rods? Brilliant indeed, if used properly. :)

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