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Hi Dave! I use the Chocolate extract from I know the 'almost burnt' flavor you're talking about, but Savory's extract just tastes like cocoa. Maybe you are using too much? My extract is dark brown, but I don't use enough of it to color the water at all. My first recommendation would be to try quite a bit less extract first and see if that takes care of the burnt flavor. No need to buy more extract unless you need to =)

Hi Jena. Which chocolate extract do you use? I made the recipe using Watkins chocolate extract, and it's "OK", but the chocolate has an earthiness tone to it... Almost like burnt chocolate. Would like to try a different brand to see if its any closer. It also makes the water brown, but I'm guessing all the retail chocolate extracts will be that color. Any suggestions on a new brand of extract? Thanks!

Glad you liked it, Reeta!

Just put mine "metromint" together and it's awesome!!) thanks

Thanks Tawna! metromint is pretty much the best 'diet' beverage out there, IMHO =)

I love you . I love metro mint. My wallet loves you.

My friend Stephanie told me that she is allergic to mint, but she tried stirring in some Pineapple essential oil and it was world-changing. I DID NOT KNOW PINEAPPLE ESSENCE WAS A THING! Now I must have it. I'm thinking pineapple-coconut-lime essences in water would be just about the best sweetener-less pina-colada water ever. Since she blew my mind, I figured I ought to blow yours as well =)

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