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Sorry for the confusion, Karen. We throw parties twice a month, but I would probably only use this cooking method a couple times a year (at those parties). Mostly because I don't wanna hafta clean my ice chests that intensely that often, but partly because there may be a small chance of chemical chicanery. Laziness for the win? Maybe. There are probably way more chemicals in the hot dogs I semi-regularly eat than would ever ooze out of plastic, but my personal-and-totally-unprofessional-opinion is that using this technique once every 6 months or so is definitely NOT gonna be your cause of death =)

Confused. You say it's probably not a bad idea to do it once or twice a year but then talk about how you could do it twice a month. Trying to figure out if this is a good method for my corn today or not but I'm still up in the air. Hmmmmmm

Oh, Fat Hubby - you know me SO WELL! =D

Something tells me we need to get a new cooler.....or two.

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