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Silvietta - You make a valid point about throwing away the used veggies. I guess you COULD use them, but after being simmered for so long, they are mushed out and unpalatable (to me), but I have BOTH a 200lb Great Dane and a Fat Baby, so I personally don't throw away the veggies I use to fortify stock. If you have no one around, pet or otherwise, that would eat your mushy pre-veggies, you could always compost them =)

Nice recipe, but just one thing: How can you discard the vegetables (the ones you add at the beginning)? I mean, it's ok if you don't want them in the soup, but don't throw them away! It's a waste of food, it's a bad and insensitive habit. I eat them while cooking, because when something takes a long time to cook I usually end up starving while the meal is still not ready. So I calm my hunger AND I don't waste food.

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