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See? SEE?! THIS is why I asked. My brain fucking HURTS. There is no way I would have ever thought to be this organized with my food.

The idea of the over-the-door shoe containers? BRILLIANT. For me, where there is no way I need that much food, and sadly - my dear fiance's car stuff takes up ALL of the garage, it will work just fine over the door of the pantry in my kitchen.

There are several things in here that I would have NEVER thought to keep "on hand", but now that you put it here in plain type - I am sitting here face palming right and left going, "OH! DUH!" because inevitably, that's the item I'm sending J to the store for. lol

A question for you to answer in the future - I see a lot of hamburger helper/cake mix/pasta stuff here. My inner fat girl and my inner wanna-be gourmet chef are close companions; a lot of that I make from scratch and package myself. Will from-scratch items keep in the garage as well/for as long as store bought?

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