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I think another thing about not being afraid to make do, is that one of the best ways to learn what works and what doesn't is to Play With Your Food! Food is fun.

Holy cow! There's no way I'm going to tackle all of that in one post. Maybe I'll add another category, like Pantry Principals or something, and post to it once a week? Like Wednesdays? Yeah, let's do that. It kinda dovetails nicely about my planned post for today, anyways =)

As a side note to this post; I struggle mightily with food storage. Coming from a childhood where grocery shopping was done once a week on a "weekly need" basis, and now living in a house with limited places to store stuff, I would be VERY interested in a post about how you handle food storage.

For instance:
-How to shop for "storage worthy" foods
-What foods keep, what doesn't (we all know expiration dates lie, and when you put freezing into the mix, pfft. Fuggedaboudit.)
-What is worth buying to store, and what isn't
-Storage methods, like shelves or plastic boxes or deep-freeze
-How to organize said storage foods: Do you keep an inventory list? Do you alphabetize?

I am well familiar with your organizational prowess, and this aspiring fat girl could use a couple tips from the master (Mistress?)!

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