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i could have a heart attack in this meaty food.. :)

aw so meaty! this should satisfy my appetite so much!

soo meaty and i love that my stomach satisfy me.

@Steve - I try not to abuse the privilege because otherwise Fat Hubby and I could (and would) eat Dr. Jon out of house and home. I want him and HAG to be around for a long LONG time, so I try not to visit more often than once a week. It's kind of a fine line, because not many people qualify to eat free, and of those that do, most of them would rather pay and NOT be the center of attention - after all, when you get on the scale and cross the 350 line, an alarm goes off and everybody cheers. I love being fat, I've been fat all my life, and I love being the center of attention, so it doesn't bother me in the least, and tripping the alarm always boosts the whole joint's spirits (and they're already pretty high). For some reason, seeing Fat Hubby and I revel in our fatness seems to give other people the courage they need to climb up on the scale, too.

It's good to go. I went to the Vegas location in December and knocked off the 4X burger. It was a challenge but it was good and I'll be going back next time I'm in Vegas. Oh and BTW they serve beer in 24 ounce size.

I am looking forward to this SO, SO, SO much!!!!! If all goes according to plan we should be in Vegas this July. I am so excited to finally have a chance to visit this. When it was in Arizona and even in Texas.. I never had any reason to go there OTHER than for that... I'm in NJ, so it's not exactly close ;)

We recently went to Bobby Flay's burger joint around here. It's decent, but the milkshakes were incredible. I can't even IMAGINE what these shakes taste like!!

"I would probably go more often if I could pay." Why is that? I would probably go more if I could not pay!

Dude, you can totally share a burger with me. Really, unless I'm having a Bottomless Pit Day, I can't finish a burger.

I'm not sharing a shake, though. Don't even consider it!

I want to go. So bad.

But all I want is a shake. I the shake probably has my recommended caloric intake for a WEEK in one go. Yeesh.

...maybe some fries. To dip in the shake. <3

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