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Welcome to my kitchen. Pull up a chair, and die happy.

In my kitchen, "Fat Girl" is a title of extreme pride, and something to aspire to. Being a Fat Girl has nothing to do with numbers on a scale. It is about a love and celebration of food.

Have you ever taken that one more bite of cheesecake (even after you were stuffed solid) just because it was too good to leave on the plate? Have you ever sat in front of a television, intending to eat 3 cookies, and inadvertently inhaled a dozen? Have you ever skipped a pre-dinner salad just to save more room for the tasty steak? Ever laughed at the calorie contents, and eaten it anyway? If you answered yes to any of these - then you, my friend, are probably a fat girl too, and this blog is for you.

Here, expect to find posts about loving yourself enough to eat the things you love. About ignoring calorie counts and laughing in the face of fat. Expect tips and tricks to make life around the kitchen easier (and tastier, of course!) You might find restaurant reviews, or a great online resource for fat girl clothes, and you might even find some discussions about weight loss here and there.

What you will never find on this page is nasty, whiny, complaining, bitter ranting about being fat. You will never find "Fat Girl Syndrome" here. We're all about the love, and THAT, dear reader is not love.

So pull up a chair, get comfortable, and join the party. The cookies are just coming out of the oven. You know you want one...or six.